Maintenance Services include:
-Lawn Maintenance
-Sprinkler Repair 
-Tree and Shrub Pruning
-Tree Removal
-Weed Control
-Snow Removal
Landscaping Services include:
-Custom Landscape Design
-Outdoor Kitchens
-Ponds & Waterfalls 
-Paver Driveways
-Paver Walkways
-Paver Patios
-Outdoor Lighting
-Boulder Walls
-Timber Walls
-Block Walls & Steps
Breakdown of Lawn Maintenance Services
 Spring Clean-Up
First service of the year. Lawn areas and beds will be cleaned of all leaves and extra debris from winter. Sand from streets will be swept from lawn. Lawn will be swept to remove all remaining dead grass and then given first mow. In a typical year this will be begin around the 1st of April dependent on weather.

Lawn Over Seeding
This service is usually completed shortly after Spring-Clean. All lawn areas will be over seeded to ensure full, thick and healthy lawn before heat of summer. Fertilization is included in the price. 

Weekly Mowing and Trimming
All lawn areas will be mowed, trimmed, and blown. This is done on a weekly basis dependent on weather. When service is started you will be given a mow day for scheduling of gates, pets, toys, etc. It is much appreciated that all items be picked up from lawn to keep the day on schedule.  

Fertilization and Weed Control
Fertilization is done 3 times per year on average. Those applications are applied in April, June, and September. Often a 4th application can be requested for October to ensure healthy lawn going into winter.
Pre-emergent in typically applied in spring around mid April. General broadleaf weed control is applied in late May dependent on soil temperatures. A 2nd application may be used in late June for remaining weeds still in lawn.

Fall Clean-Up
This is the last service of the year. The majority of leaves will be cleaned from all beds and lawn areas. Lawn will be cut shorter to keep the lawn healthy and free from critters over winter. This can be split up into 2 separate cleanings due to high volume of leaves.